LISTEN: *Exclusive* 10,000 Military Personnel Fail Fitness Test

LISTEN: *Exclusive* 10,000 Military Personnel Fail Fitness Test

A Clyde News investigation's found that last year more than one in ten UK regular army personnel failed their fitness test.

Out of 91,800 men and women currently serving full time in the British Army, 10,030 were found to be too unfit to fight.

Figures from the Ministry of Defence obtained by us through a Freedom of Information Request also show that a third of serving soldiers are classed as overweight according to their BMI test.

The true picture is likely to be far worse though, as soldiers can opt out of having their BMI taken.

In response the MOD said: 'We do not consider [BMI] to be an accurate reflection of the number that are overweight, and use body composition in their health risk assesments which comprises BMI and Waist Circumference (WC), rathen than BMI in isolation as BMI does not differentiate between weight that is associated with muscle mass and weight associated with body fat. Therefore, the relationship between BMI and body fat varies according to body build and composition.'

Soldiers are not 'discharged directly' for failing their fitness tests, but the MOD said:

'Failiure will be included as a factor in their overall discharge application.'

Connor Gillies has this exclusive report: