Could the Big G in George Square be here to stay now the Commomwealth Games are over?

Well, Glasgow City Council say the huge 3D structure WILL remain on show but it's not saying where.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “Glasgow has come alive during the Commonwealth Games and the Big G has become a fantastic attraction in itself. Every day, thousands of fans – from residents and visitors to ticket-holders and athletes – have queued to have their picture taken beside it. It has also provided an iconic backdrop and memorable welcome to Glasgow for the 1.5 billion TV viewers tuning in around the world, with national and international media, including Sky News, BBC Breakfast, Channel 9 and ABC from Australia, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and TV New Zealand all broadcasting live from George Square in recent days. The Big G will remain in the city until the Games come to an end and discussions are taking place regarding its long-term home. It’s our intention that it will remain on show in the city, providing a lasting legacy that will live on and be enjoyed long after the Games finish.” 

It comes as a petition is launched online hoping to keep "Clyde" the thistle mascot as a permanent symbol of Glasgow.